Posted by: PPHR | October 28, 2009

Andre Feriante to play in the bar from 7PM-10PM every Friday night

AndreleavesAfter over 20 years of performing and recording, award-winning virtuoso guitarist Andre Feriante has left his musical mark on the classical, world music and fusion scenes. A cross-over artist in the vein of YoYo Ma or Sting, his performance program represents a bold but fluid musical fusion, featuring music from Bach to Leonard Cohen, flamenco improvisation to jazz standards, and even poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Rumi and Feriante himself.

Born in Naples, Italy, Feriante spent his formative years between Southern Italy and Manziana, a village just outside Rome. At age nine he announced his intentions to be a flamenco guitarist. He worked and saved to buy his first instrument, then at age 13, he began studying at the Overseas School of Rome. By the time he was 16, Feriante was already performing the works of Bach, Vivaldi, Albeniz and Scarlatti, and by age 18, he had launched his musical career, playing concerts in Rome, Berlin and North and South America. He continued his studies with world-renowned classical guitarists Andres Segovia and Jose Tomas (Segovia’s assistant) in Madrid, Henry Rivas in Bogota, Columbia, and Leon Atkinson in New York.

Since moving to Seattle in the 1980s, Feriante has established himself as a Northwest favorite, having performed throughout the Puget Sound area in public and private concerts for a virtual “Who’s Who of Seattle.” His music has been featured on “Hearts of Space,” the No. 2 music program on NPR. This year Feriante was picked for MSN’s celebrity feature, “12 Sexy Bald Men,” along with Andre Agassi, Seal, Vin Diesel, Taye Diggs and Patrick Stewart, among others. In addition to his busy performance schedule, Feriante currently hosts “La Guitarra,” on Classic King FM 98.1, the Arts Channel.

Besides his much-anticipated annual performance at Benaroya Hall, Feriante has played a wide variety of venues including The King Cat Theatre (where he opened for Olita Adams and David Benoit), The Frye Art Museum, The Paramount Theater, and the Key Arena, where he performed the National Anthem for the Seattle Sonics. Feriante recently performed with the Northwest Symphony at Benaroya Hall with “Heart” and “Alice and Chains.” And this year also marked his 10th anniversary Valentine’s concert at Benaroya.

A seasoned, expressive performer whose style is as elegant as it is conversational, Feriante’s innovative and effortless style appeals to any ear with a love and passion for music. He has dedicated his life to his art, and his ability to communicate through sound never fails to lead his audience on an emotional journey that is as deeply personal as it is universal.

Andre will play in the bar every Friday night from 7-10 P.M. beginning Friday, November 6th


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