Posted by: PPHR | June 25, 2010

PPHR Associate takes on Sahara Race!

I would like to introduce our associate Jane Peng and a great undertaking she is currently pursuing. Jane is a Business Analyst in the corporate team here in Singapore and in the last months, she has been training hard for a personal pursuit while juggling the challenges of every day work!

In October, Jane will be running the Sahara Race ( ) a 7-day, 250 kilometre foot race across the Sahara in Egypt.

This annual race is named by TIME Magazine as one of “The World’s Top 10 Toughest Endurance Races”, so you can imagine how vigorous and challenging this training period is for Jane.

Only 130 competitors competed in last year’s race, and out of this only about 20% are female competitors. Competitors will navigate the sand dunes and plains of the Sahara in Egypt while carrying all that they need on their backs. This includes 7 days of food supply, sleeping bag, clothes and survival tools.

Also significant is the fact that Jane, at 24, is currently the youngest female participant in the Sahara race. And, in the spirit of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s values – “caring for our community through connected and sharing” – Jane is, through her participation in this grueling race, adding a charitable cause to her pursuit.

She is targeting to raise SGD60,000 for World Vision – a non-profit development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

We at Pan Pacific Hotels Group are every bit behind Jane and are the title sponsor of her wonderful endeavour. I urge you and our hotels to throw your support behind Jane in any way you can. More information about how she is raising funds for World Vision and how you and your hotels can help is attached in this presentation that Jane has put together.

Jane can be contacted at and has even created a personal blog at to detail her experience preparing for this race, as well as to serve as a channel to raise funds and create awareness for her cause. She will also be blogging live on her website during the course of the 7-day race.

Thank you Jane for championing this cause and flying the Pan Pacific Hotels Group flag high. You are truly a shining ambassador for our “Great Brands, Great Hotels, Great People and Great Relationships!”


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